Capricorn Woman And Scorpio Man

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman have the potential of developing permanent bonds and need to just compromise a little. If the two can shelve some of their stubbornness and inflexibility, the chemistry will be great and they will not have troubles in understanding each other.


Passion of Scorpio man will make Capricorn woman feel secure and in turn he will shower her with love and affection and this will be beautiful balancing factor between the two. Scorpio man has the ability to hide his emotions and yields when he desires to retain his secrecy by displaying a complete different expression than what he feels. Capricorn woman is also similar and it is impossible to know her private thoughts easily.

Scorpio man always has a specific plan to reach his coveted goal and when around others he will do whatever he wants others think he is doing and will constantly contemplate his next move. But when he is alone he will do whatever he likes without least regards to what others feel about it. Capricorn woman is equally ambitious and though she will crave for the affection that makes her feel like woman, she will hardly reveal such things and will appear cold and unsentimental towards personal life, which, however is an impersonation only. Both Scorpio man and Capricorn woman will have a great relationship when there would be some rule books to follow.

In fact; their love is quite formal and follows instructional paradigm and both will have a reality check and loyalty test before moving on to the next levels of relationship. Capricorn woman is extremely loyal and honest in relation with Scorpio man and her delicate and calm behavior can easily fire him up with intense desire to protect and love her. Sexual relationship between the two will be very simple as well as comprehensible though they do not express it openly. With their secrets getting emotional touches and security from the partner, the relationship can bloom into a long term affair though with great difficulties.

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